Christmas Fair

Ten years is a very long time in Second Life, and this milestone deserves a proper celebration! To mark this event we will be throwing a big winter fair throughout December, on land so generously donated by Kaerri. The Event will run from the 1st of December to the 1st of January.

The event will include a stage where we will host musicians and DJs to bring in a crowd and celebrate with us. We will also have a winter fair with stalls where creators can sell their items and support the SOS group while doing so, as well as a giant gacha tree where we will sell mystery items to raise money for SOS. There will also be a raffle where people can enter through the entire event, with massive prizes drawn on the final night! All money raised will go straight towards tier and expenses for running the SOS group.

While we are a tiny organisation compared to the likes of Relay For Life, we do make a real difference in the lives of people in the Second Life community.

Come visit us:

  • Never Totally Dead
  • Kaerri
  • Maven Homes
  • Skip Staheli Photography (Raffle Prize)
  • Sinplicity
  • Tempest Rosca Photography (Raffle Prize)
  • Eclipse Magazine
  • Cocoa Bay
  • Devinz Designz
  • DaneMarkz
  • ALUORA Home Designs
  • Meshopotamia
  • also Known as
  • Snowpaws
  • %Percent
  • Sage
  • SprucedUp
  • NULL
  • Joker’s Asylum
  • [Stormcrow Store]
  • Slacker Creations
  • Fapple
  • Brook Hill Living
  • Dreamland Designs